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Great Big List of Math Literature

Updated: Jan 3

If you have been following my blog, I try to post a literature connection each month. Recently, an awesome teacher asked me if I had a big list of all my favorites. The answer was a quick no but that I definitely should. Thanks to Debbie for this awesome idea!

Please check out my list below. Check back often as I add more updates. I'm not just listing books based on a search but books that I've actually read and used in my instruction. Click on each link for either an Amazon affiliate link to order the book or a blog post that includes a freebie download. Want a printable list of the books? Simply click on the image below to access my list in a Google Doc. Again, it's constantly being updated. Be sure to check back often!

Books About Basic Number Sense:

  • Goodnight Numbers by Danika McKellar: This beautiful picture book includes lots of pictures that are great for subitizing. This post includes a digital freebie.

  • Lucky Beans by Becky Birtha: This story takes place during the Great Depression and tells about a family entering to win a estimation content. This post includes a link to several digital estimation activities.

  • The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang gives visual examples about ways to look for numbers within a group of objects. This is a great way to help students count quickly.

  • Math for All Seasons by Greg Tang has a similar feeling to the Grapes of Math. The beautiful pictures and cute rhymes help students consider what's on each page.

  • How Much is a Million? by David M. Schwartz includes the fabulous illustrations from Steven Kellogg to demonstrate the true size of a million. There are lots of great references to help students understand just how great of a number one million truly can be.

  • Sir Cumference and All The King's Tens looks at greater numbers and place value. This is a great book for older students, and the post includes a FREE download.

Books About Addition and Subtraction:

  • The Action of Subtraction by Brian P. Cleary: This book includes lovable characters showing how subtraction is an action. This post includes a printable freebie to use along with the book.

  • 10 for Dinner by Jo Ellen Bogart: This picture book helps students see different ways to make 10. This is a perfect book to prepare students for addition. This post includes a printable download to follow along in the book.

  • Arithmechicks Add Up: This picture book shows multiple ways to add and shows the visuals for adding. The link above includes a freebie to use while reading.

  • Math-terpieces by Greg Tang: This beautiful book includes art from several artists while encouraging students to use grouping to make different numbers. This post includes a free download to help students work along with the book.

Books About Multiplication and Division:

  • The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins is one of my favorite picture books, because it sounds like my life. Mom bakes cookies for the kids to share, and people keep ringing the doorbell. The cookies have to then be shared in a different way. This link includes a printable activity to do while reading the book.

  • The Best of Times by Greg Tang is another awesome book about subitizing with multiplication facts. There are great tricks here to help students learn their facts quickly.

Books About Shapes:

  • The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns follows a triangle around who wants to change his shape. He identifies with each shape by counting the sides and vertices. This link includes a printable to use to follow along in the book.

  • Which One Doesn’t Belong? Playing with Shapes by Christopher Danielson asks students to identify which shape doesn’t fit out of the four shapes. Students will need to defend their answer, because there are more than one correct answer based on how students describe which one doesn’t belong. This link includes a free website with ideas and strategies to help this lesson go smoothly.

  • Squares, Rectangles, and Other Quadrilaterals by David A. Adler defines angles and different quadrilaterals. Students will explore vocabulary and use a few activities to cut apart paper to prove each vocabulary term. This link includes a free download for measuring angles.

Books About Measurement:

  • Millions to Measure by David M. Schwartz partners with Steven Kellogg to provide beautiful illustrations about the history of developing standard units of measurement in a fun way. Both imperial and metric units of length, mass and volume are discussed. This would be a great book to pick up again and again while learning about different ways to measure!

Books About Fractions:

  • The Lion's Share by Matthew Elligott: This is one of my favorite fraction tales. The lion invites Ant over for a feast. The cake needs to be divided among the people attending. Students will learn about how the size of the fractional piece changes when the number of parts increases. This is a funny book with wonderful pictures. Stay tuned for a free printable activity coming soon!

  • Jump, Kangaroo, Jump: This Math Start book helps students to see the meaning of finding a fraction of a set. It has great visuals and students can act it out. Click on the link above for a free video and game to help your students.

As you can see, it's still a developing list. If you have a favorite you want to recommend, leave a comment or email me. I would love to test it out and share with others!

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Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee
Apr 10

In my not so humble opinion . No math literature list is complete without Jon Scieszka's Math Curse. It doesn't fit any of categories but I love using it as an intro teaching word problems. Jon is hilarious and I think kids relate to the confusion that word problems and the happy ending.


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