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Math Literature: Goodnight Numbers and a Digital Freebie

I've been going through my library and coming across so many good favorites. (I have got to find a better way to keep them all organized!) While looking through my books, I came across another favorite of mine- Goodnight Numbers by Danica McKellar. (This post does contain affiliate links.)

This bedtime story takes you through the bedtime routine of a toddler by introducing the numbers one through ten. It includes the word form and digit form. What makes it truly wonderful, though, is the subitizing activities on each page. These are perfect for primary aged students!

Each page includes TONS of illustrations of the given number including a ten frame and multiple objects that can be counted. We have loved looking at all the pictures and practicing our counting skills.

You've heard me say it over and over again, but subitizing is SUCH an important skill. Students need to know how to subitize in order to begin learning their math facts and memorizing them.

To help you do that, I wanted to include a free digital resource. This book focuses on numbers to 10. Before using this resource, double check that students can do the following:

  • Can students identify 1-5 without counting?

  • Can students identify numbers 6-10 by seeing smaller numbers?

  • Can students read the word form?

  • Can students represent each number on their fingers?

Once students have done each of those, it's time to begin focusing on the power of ten by determining how many more to 10. This skill will help students focus on more powerful mental math strategies. You can use my How Many More to 10 powerpoint to help students master this concept in just a few minutes each day!

Simply load the graphics and ask your students, "How many more to 10?" They can hold up their fingers, say the answer out loud or even write it on a whiteboard. Do this for just 2-3 minutes 3-4 times a week and notice a HUGE difference! Grab your FREE copy by entering your email in below!

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