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Squares, Rectangles and Other Quadrilaterals

When we discuss picture books, a lot of them are aimed for younger grades. Every now and then you find an amazing book aimed for older students, because let's face it, they still enjoy picture books. This week, I'm sharing a book that includes hands-on activities to help students to differentiate between various quadrilaterals. (This post does include affiliate links.)

Squares, Rectangles, and Other Quadrilaterals by David A Adler defines the different characteristics of quadrilaterals by beginning with defining a square using equal sides and a study of angles. The book includes wonderful activities to help students prove right angles and make an angle tester to describe other quadrilaterals. There's even an activity where students prove that quadrilaterals have angles with a sum of 360 degrees by cutting angles.

This book has so many wonderful nuggets of wisdom in a way that older students relate to in their mathematical practice. I would highly suggest this book for learning about angles and quadrilaterals. It's definitely a book to bring out time and time again for review.

Once you introduce angles to your students, be sure to grab this free printable angle riddle for students to practice measuring angles. Complete the form below for your free download.

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