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Math Literature: Greg Tang

I'm loving adding math literature to our daily read alouds. Today, I want to share the fabulous world of Greg Tang with you. If you haven't heard of him, you are going to want to check his resources out at I have had the wonderful privilege of being trained by him when I worked with Math in Focus and was able to attend one of his GIANT summer conferences. (While I am not being paid to endorse Greg Tang- I really just love his resources- there are affiliate links in this post.)

Besides being an author of some super fun books I'm going to share in a minute, he also had free games and printable brain teasers to print off for your students. I love the varying levels of options for students like the brain puzzles for Tangy Tuesdays that include free samples and options to purchase larger bundles. Wordy Wednesday is also another great free resource with word problems that are in fun puzzle format to give our students something different. Again, there are free samples and an option to purchase. Whatever math curriculum you are using, these are great resources to mix it up a bit!

One of my favorite books by Greg Tang is the picture book, The Grapes of Math. This lovely counting book using perceptual subitizing to encourage students to find the total number of objects on each page without counting by 1. This awesome book can be used countless times as there are so many pages to count. We read through it the other day and counted the pages that had options to make a 10 and count by 5s. We planned to read through it again looking for different counting patterns.

The next book that is a favorite of mine is The Best of Times: Math Strategies that Multiply. In this book, each multiplication set of facts is introduced with a strategy to help students compute with a fun riddle. For example, they learn to find 9 facts by using their 10 facts. If you are working on fact fluency with your students, this is a super fun book to help your students consider other ways to find the product. This is a great addition to any multiplication fluency work.

Finally, I would encourage you to check out Math for All Seasons. This is similar to The Grapes of Math in that it includes riddles to help students think about what's on the page. This is a great book to teach students how to problem solve and make sense of what's being asked. I also like how he includes different strategies to try to find the answer.

I was going to create a printable activity with each of these books but honestly found that we were so engaged reading them, we didn't need anything! I promise, these books will encourage your students to think and count in a different way. I also love that they are books you can read over and over again without being bored!

If you are looking for your FRIDAY FREEBIE, I would head over to and click on Puzzles. You will see options to look at Kindergarten-5th Grade samples of Tangy Tuesdays and Wordy Wednesdays. I've already got mine printed out and ready to go for next week!

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