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Math Literature Arithmechicks Add Up

(This post does contain affiliate links.) It's time for another great picture book addressing math concepts. This week, I'm sharing Arithmechicks Add Up by Ann Marie Stephens. This delightful picture book helps students add within 10 by making different combinations on the playground. What makes this book especially awesome is the fact that it allows for extension within every page by creating different visuals and an additional question.

As the chicks play on the playground, the story shows different combinations. Some chicks going slow, while others go fast or some chicks inside while others are outside. Each time another chicken is showing a strategy such as number bonds, counting on or number lines to find how many in all. What a great way to help students practice addition using a variety of strategies!

Of course, I've got an activity for you to use while reading this book. Simply click below to print your own chicks to act out the story. Then, place the work mat in a page protector, use a dry erase marker and invite your students to show the different strategies to add.

If you like this book, be sure to check out Ann Marie Stephens other books. She has many others that address math concepts! Don't forget to check here for my giant list of math literature ideas and resources.

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