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Math Literature: The Action of Subtraction

(This post does contain affiliate links.) You know I love writing about picture books that have math connections. I love it so much that I would encourage you to check out all the other blog posts that discuss math literature, because there are a ton of them! Today, I want to share this gem of a book with you:

We have loved this series of books and have quite a few of them on our bookshelf. My students love the crazy animal characters that are on each page. In fact, we often spend extra time looking at each page, because there's always some extra special details included.

This book defines subtraction in its basic meaning by showing students real examples of take away situations. It gives meaning to each symbol and shows how numbers decrease as you subtract. This book is sure to give your students a laugh as they see all the crazy subtraction situations!

Of course, a picture book is even more fun when it has a hands-on activity to go along with it. Check out this FREEBIE where students can follow along on specific pages to show the subtraction in the story and record the subtraction number sentence. Simply click below to download!

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