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Super Problem Solvers!

Word problems can be quite the villain!  They can be sneaky, tricky and just plain frustrating!  Now we can learn the necessary tools to hone our own super hero skills to solve any word problems using The Problem Solving Handbook and the FREE course: Super Problem Solvers. 

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The Problem Solving Handbook: Addition and Subtraction

Learn the 15 different problem types of addition and subtraction problems through three levels of learning.  First students experience each type with a concrete example, then with greater numbers and finally with a multi-step challenge problem.  Each level includes video instruction that practice problems for mastery!

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The Problem Solving Handbook: Multiplication and Division

Learn 9 different problem types through concrete experiences to be applied to greater numbers and even multi-step problems.  All sections include video instruction and student practice to ensure that students fully understand all of the problem types and can apply them!

For a limited time, purchase The Problem Solving Handbook: Addition and Subtraction or The Problem Solving Handbook: Multiplication and Division to be invited to a FREE 3-week course learning the strategies to solve any word problem!  This course includes:

  • Three live 30-minute student Zoom sessions with a certified teacher

  • Free resources to download and use immediately

  • Six challenges to complete and share in our private Facebook community

Ready to Join the Challenge?

This course is absolutely free with any handbook purchase but only open until November 26, 2021.  Just purchase your digital or print book to be invited to the course!  Sign up with an email, and you are ready to join us!

A few frequently asked questions:

  • Who is this course for?  This course is designed for anyone struggling with word problems.  Students are encouraged to participate with adult involvement.  Educators are also welcome to attend to use this course as a learning opportunity.

  • When are the live student sessions?  The sessions will be held on Tuesday, November 30, Tuesday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 14.  All sessions will be held from 12:30-1:00 PM EST and will not be recorded to protect student privacy.

  • How much is involved in the course?  Go at your own pace.  Each week, a new section will be opened with resources and video.  Take what you need and use it how you choose to do so. 

  • How will we join others in challenges?  A special Facebook group has been created to build community and friendship during this fun course!  Educators are encouraged to join so students can share progress, student work and meet some new friends!

  • How long will I have to complete the course?  Due to the free nature of the course, it will only be available one week after completion on December 17.  However, the course will be open again soon!

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