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Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition is an updated version of the first textbook that put Singapore's math program in the United States.  Challenging problems, amazing problem solving opportunities and concepts that made our students stand out is now available in a colorful, easy-to-use format! 

Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition includes a colorful consumable student book that is affordable and a delight to use with two options for educators: a Teacher's Guide for classrooms or a Home Instructor's Guide.  Don't forget to snag the Additional Practice Workbook for student practice and differentiation options like Reteach and Extension (included with any instruction manual) and a varied practice called Mastery and Beyond.  With these tools, students will have everything they need to feel confident in math while having fun!

One huge difference about Primary Mathematics 2022 is that is it actually written in Singapore.  The student books are written by Singapore instructors that reflect the 21st century skills Singapore students are learning.  Since Singapore does not use teacher's manuals due to their universities that train their teachers, they employ American specialists who can implement their teaching strategies for American educators.  Every author of the Teacher's Guide and Home Instructor Guides were highly qualified and trained in Singapore teaching strategies. 

I'm Jessica Kaminski, co-author of Grades 2-5 Teacher's Guides and Author of Grades 2, 3A, 4 and 5 Home Instructor Guides.  As a certified teacher, homeschool mom of 3 and Singapore math specialist, I can share how these strategies make a word of a difference for our students.  I've seen students tackle complicated problems using mental math strategies and visualization techniques that outperform their peers.  These strategies have truly made a HUGE difference!


If these great resources aren't enough, be sure to check out the new video library that is now available.  Over 300 concept based videos taught by me to you and your student and 200 videos teaching the specific problems for Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition.  Available as a low cost monthly option or a yearly subscription! 

Snag your subscription during the month of May to keep our founding member rate for life!

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Are you a school educator?  Ask me about how to assign videos using Google links with access to the entire library.

New to the Home Instructor Guide?  Check out this video series to get you started!