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You've decided you want to implement the #1 program in the world.  You've seen how effective a Singapore math education can be based on its research-based strategies that produce students who often perform well above their grade level peers.   As you begin looking through your materials, you may realize that this curriculum looks a bit different.  Maybe you even begin to question your decision and wonder if this is the right curriculum for your family. You might even start to wonder:

 How you will teach math in a way you didn't learn?  What are bar models? How are number bonds used? This may not look like your traditional math program.

  How will this look when teaching one student?  The Teacher's Guides reference group work and conversation.  This may not fit your homeschool model.

  How will you give this lesson the time and attention it deserves when you have several children to teach?  A textbook lesson lists 45-60 minutes.  This can seem impossible with multiple children and subjects to teach.

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  You are not alone with these questions.  We cannot teach a homeschool student in the same way.  Before we can solve the problem, let's tackle two reasons why it HAS to be different.

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 Singapore teachers do not use Teacher's Guides.  Each teacher is highly trained while attending university and can apply the teaching strategies necessary to make it successful just from the Student Book.  That means the Teacher's Guides provided are created for American educators to sum up the teaching strategy.


A Singapore lesson is designed for classroom collaboration.  The strategies provided are created around classroom conversation and problem-solving. Students solve problems while bouncing ideas off of each other and work together to tackle challenges.  Home Instructor Guides were created to modify that lesson approach in an easy way. 



So how do you make this work as a homeschool educator?    The truth is: There is not a teaching model that specifically aligns Singapore practices with a homeschool teaching method .  There is not a method that takes the research-based strategies that made Singapore a global phenomenon on both the TIMMS and PISA tests beyond the Home Instructor's Guide. 

Until Now.

Now home educators all over the world have the 4C Math Mastery Model for Homeschool Success.  Created by a math specialist, author, and homeschool parent, this hybrid model applies the Singapore method that is proven to work to your specific homeschool setting by combining two key components.

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Imagine having a Singapore math specialist come beside you to help you plan your lessons and show you how each lesson was designed to be taught.  This math specialist will show you how to weed through the content and zero in on the strategies that will help your student master the concept while loving math.  She will show you how to encourage your student to talk about the lesson and stretch your student's thinking.  Then, she will provide you with over 800 videos that can be shown to your student to further support your homeschool instruction.  This is what is waiting for you with a Math with Purpose Video Library Subscription.

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As part of your yearly subscription, you will receive a course specifically designed for homeschool families.   The only Singapore homeschool lesson structure available will drastically change your math block.

Complete a homeschool lesson in 20 minutes of teacher instruction using any curriculum

Combine multiple grade levels during the 4 steps to instruct multiple ages at one time

Encourage student problem-solving by setting your student up for success

Increase student independence by fostering the gradual release model

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As an added bonus, your video subscription includes access to a grade level set of videos taught by a certified teacher and author of two best-selling Singapore math series.  These videos can be embedded into your Singapore lesson with any textbook series.  Your student will solidify the concepts by interacting with manipulatives and thoughtful questions. 

2-10 minute videos that are concept based and can be aligned to any textbook series

Student-facing videos that will be used during your 4C Math Mastery Model to solidify

concepts while you work with another student or lesson prep

Educator videos to help you quickly learn Singapore concepts

2 great resources for 1 great price
$97 per year

Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed.

Math Specialist, Author and Teacher

As an educator for over 16 years, Jessica has trained and taught children all over the world as a math consultant and teacher.  She is the author of Math in Focus 2022 Third Grade Teacher's Edition, the co-author of Primary Mathematics 2022 Grades 2-5 Teacher's Guides, and the author of Primary Mathematics Home Instructor Guides for Grades 3A- 5. 

Beginning as a classroom educator, consultant and now a mom of 3, Jessica believes in customizing education for each of our unique children.  She aims to bring the #1 curriculum to every student so that they might find a love for mathematics while being successful problem solvers!

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Other video programs for textbook series provide dry student videos that don't dive into the mathematics.  With a Math with Purpose Video Library, your students with laugh with Mrs. Jessica while mastering math concepts.  Students will use math manipulatives and participate in thoughtful questions while diving deeper into a math lesson.  You will have a co-teacher who will not just provide you with videos of WHAT to teach but also give you the tools to show you HOW to teach it.  Your planning and teaching time will be cut in half as you and your students both master a Singapore math education.

How It Works

Simply choose your grade level band.

Each grade level band includes an alignment for each textbook and access to the 4C Math Mastery Model for Homeschool Success. 

Simply click and go!

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Try 2 weeks of the Math with Purpose Video Library with the 4C Mastery Model course absolutely risk free with our money back guarantee!

Watch Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Math with Purpose Video Library for?

Any educator who wants to provide a quality math lesson to their students using the Singapore math method will benefit from the Math with Purpose Video Library.  These educators will engage with their student while having the resources to get the most out of 20 minutes a day.

Does the Math with Purpose Video Library teach my child?

The Math with Purpose Video Library works with you to teach your child.  The 4C Math Mastery Method will give you the tools to plan and implement a lesson.  The videos will provide you with teaching support and provide your student with visual examples.

Does the Math with Purpose Video Library teach the problems in my textbook series?

Due to copyright, many of the videos are concept based videos.  They are organized in a Google folder by the Table of Contents for each series.  Simply choose the video matched to that lesson and use it during the Communicate, Collaborate or Comprehend sections of your lesson.  If using Primary Mathematics 2022, there are over 300 videos that do teach the problems from the book.  Specific page numbers are given to help students follow along in the series.

What if I decide the Math with Purpose Video Library is not for me?

Try the Math with Purpose Video Library risk free.  If you find it doesn't fit your needs, simply email for a full refund within the first 2 weeks.  Simply sign up at the link to begin your risk free trial.  Click here to access our full Terms of Service.


Let's do this!

It's time for you to instill a love of mathematics while teaching the WHY using a Singapore math program.  Teach it easily with videos to support you and your student. 

Join us today!

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