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Parent Support

As an educator and mom of three, I totally understand the challenges of helping your child at home.  Whether you are homeschooling, hybrid schooling or even just supporting your child at home, it can be difficult to find quality resources. 

Take a moment to see how Math with Purpose can provide you with teaching support to give your child a great education and a love for mathematics!


Video Instruction and Teaching

Over the past 8 years, I have trained hundreds of educators on the research-based strategies that make Singapore's math program so successful.  I realized that these strategies have been proven to work in classrooms but that there is no true method for making this work in a homeschool setting. 

I created a program that takes all the key components of a Singapore lesson and combines them with the individuality of a homeschool setting in a video-based course and teaching library that will help you teach a lesson in about 20 minutes. 

Click below to see how my course and on-demand video library of over 500 videos can help your students love math and master it!

Homeschool Teaching

Many programs focus on adapting a classroom program for homeschool.  It can feel like working from an abbreviated lesson plan. 

It's time that we had something different.  Now there is the ONLY Singapore math homeschool lesson format designed to use your Singaporean textbook with video instruction that actually works.


If you are looking for some one-on-one support for your student, consider one of our amazing tutors.  Schedule a meeting with me to set specific goals or even assess your student and then decide the best tutor to fit your needs.  All of Math with Purpose's tutors are trained teachers who have spent years learning the research based strategies that make Singapore so successful.

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Additional Teaching Resources

It can be nice to break up the lessons with extra practice, games or real-life practice.  Consider one of the many printable or digital teaching resources available to supplement your curriculum.  Each resource is written by an author of two best-selling Singapore textbook series and includes a variety of ways to appeal to our learners that will make math fun! 

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