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A Homeschool Lesson Must Look Different from a Classroom Lesson

Singapore Math is an amazing math program for so many reasons, but it's designed to be used in a classroom.  Students are meant to discuss and work together. 


In order to replicate it's success in the homeschool setting, it HAS to look different.

Home Instructor Guides are great resources that help simplify our lessons, but we need to consider the entire lesson. 

How does my lesson look to encourage conversation?

How do I manage hands-on activities?

How do I complete a 45 minute lesson in 20 minutes?

How do I work with multiple students?

The Answer: Create an actual lesson just for homeschool families.


Spend 5 minutes connecting prior knowledge with an opening question and rich task for problem solving.

Take 5 minutes to discuss the objective and zero in on what should be taught during the lesson.


Go deep into a concept by exploring mathematical and perceptual variation.  THIS is what separates a Singapore curriculum from the others!

The 4C Math Mastery Model for Homeschool Success breaks a homeschool lesson into 20 minutes of teacher time to zero in on the effective parts of a Singapore lesson.


Finish strong with independent practice that even allows you to work with another student at the same time.

The 4C Math Mastery Model for Homeschool Success will cut down on teaching time, teaching prep and so much more!  Now that you have your free workbook, how about some more resources to truly make this work?

How about detailed lesson guides?

How about videos explaining how each part works?

How about videos showing actual teaching of students using this method?

How about 500+ videos that can be embedded in your lesson just for your student?

All of this is waiting for you with a Math with Purpose Video Library subscription.


The Math with Purpose Video Library includes two key components:

HOW to teach a Singapore based

math curriculum with the 4C Math

Mastery Model

WHAT to teach with over 500

videos from a published author,

certified teacher and homeschool

parent just for your student

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Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed.

Math Specialist and Author

Jessica has been serving educators and students all over the world for 16 years as a teacher, consultant and coach.  She is the author of Math in Focus 2020 Teacher's Guide, co-author of Primary Mathematics 2022 Grades 2-5 Teacher's Guides and the author of Primary Mathematics Grades 2, 3A, 4, and 5 Home Instructor's Guides.

As a mom of three, Jessica believes in providing a quality education for every student.  She provides resources, videos and so much more to give every student an opportunity to love math!

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