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Using the Primary Mathematics Textbook Series and a Whole Lot of Great Resources

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Primary Mathematics from Marshall Cavendish is Singapore's first math program published in 1982 which helped propel Singapore to #1 in the world in a short span of time. (You can find out more about this process in my post about Singapore Math here.)

Primary Mathematics has had many looks as it made its way into the US. The US Edition was published in 2001 and mass distributed in the US quickly becoming a trusted program that challenged students in a variety of ways. Over the following years, a Standards Edition for the state of California and a Common Core Edition to address Common Core State Standards.

In 2022, Marshall Cavendish released a brand new Kindergarten-6th Grade series of Primary Mathematics that was a complete overhaul of Singapore's program. Aligned to Singapore's latest math syllabus (found here) and including 21st century skills, Primary Mathematics includes a variety of resources to meet the needs of every learner in the classroom or homeschool setting. You can find out more about the program in this quick video:

As one of the authors of the Teacher's Guide and Home Instructor Guides, I want to make this program work for you. Singapore math teachers receive hours of training on how to implement these strategies. I continue to train teachers each year providing them with resources and content that will help them get the most out of their instruction. And I want to share this content with you...for FREE!

Go ahead and bookmark this page for future reference. I will continue add a full library of free and paid resources as I add them. If you are in the need of resources, be sure to send me an email to make a request.

General Primary Mathematics Resources

  • Implementing Primary Mathematics Course: Using Primary Mathematics 2022 has never been easier with my NEW self-paced program. Take an hour to familiarize yourself with how the book is organized to get the most out of your time. This is a FREE resource designed for both classroom and homeschool educators.

Primary Mathematics free printable partner games
Partner Games with student and teacher directions
  • Kindergarten Book B Games: Have you noticed there are a TON of great games in the Kindergarten book? Those games really help students to solidify concepts and make sense of problems. They can also be a great way to review by making them into a center. Click the link above to instantly download printable teacher and student directions for Kindergarten Book B. Place the materials in a baggy for centers or share with parents for practice at home.

  • Grade 3 Printable Games: All those activities in Primary Mathematics lend themselves to become a quick center in the class or even a homework assignment. They just need to be recreated for students to understand easily. Now you can snag all the games with kid-friendly directions, teacher directions and so much more for the entire book! Simply print, grab your materials, and go!

  • ERRATA Document: In the world of publishing, several people look at each book to ensure its accuracy. However, some mistakes still manage to get by. Use the link included to access my ERRATA document where errors can be reported and are documented for your reference. This is updated regularly.

Classroom Primary Mathematics Resources

  • Looking to purchase Primary Mathematics for your school? No worries. I can help with that. Simply email me at this link to set up a consultation. I can give you samples, get you free shipping and so much more!

  • I Can Statement Informal Diagnostic Tool: Each chapter includes reflective statements for students to monitor their practice in the Recall and at the end of the chapter. Using this Google Sheet, you can easily enter your students' names and monitor their progress. Simply click on the link above to generate your own copy and go!

Singapore Math Primary Mathematics test analysis
Google Sheets for Test Question Analysis
  • Test Analysis Data Tool: In the Assessment Guide, you will notice that the questions are organized by depth of knowledge in the Answer Key. Now, you can reflect upon student progress with this handy Google Sheet with each assessment and the levels of questions organized. Easily tell which questions your students are rocking and struggling with to support them every step of the way. Simply sign up at the link and it will generate your own copy to your Google Drive.

  • Looking to purchase manipulatives for classrooms that are aligned to your Primary Mathematics 2022 series? Check out EAI Manipulatives. I worked with them to create special kits with everything needed for a classroom.

Homeschool Primary Mathematics Resources

  • Looking to purchase your homeschool materials? Simply head over to Rainbow Resource or Homeworks to place your order. They both have knowledgeable people who would be happy to help you out. If you are a hybrid model looking to make a purchase for several students, I can get you free shipping and lots of wonderful customer service. Simply send me a quick email at this link to begin the process.

  • Placement Tests: Choosing which book to use can be pretty challenging. Thankfully, Marshall Cavendish provided us with a placement test. Choose an expected grade level and give it to your student. This assessment will assess whether your student has the prior knowledge necessary for that book. (Hint: You want your student to do well.) Once you narrow it down to where your student has not seen the content, you will know to go to the previous grade level.

  • Manipulatives and Pacing Guide: Check out this printable document that lists all the homeschool manipulatives needed according to the Home Instructor's Guides. It also includes pacing so you can see how much time is spent in each chapter.

4C Math Mastery Model for a Singapore homeschool math lesson
  • 4C Math Mastery Method: Learning how to implement the program successfully and quickly takes practice. The Singapore approach could be a whole different way of learning mathematics. I have created the ONLY Singapore math approach for homeschool by using 4 easy steps. You can find out more at this link, including a free download. Each Math with Purpose Video Library subscription comes with this course to ensure that you get the most out of your year.

  • Blackline Teacher Resources: Each Home Instructor Guide comes with digital access to a load of great materials. One of those includes the blackline masters for each book. If you can't find your online access, you can simply grab them at the link.

Teaching and Learning Support

Math with Purpose Video library helps Singapore Math concepts

Math with Purpose Video Library: Over the past 4 years, I have compiled over 600 videos of teaching anchor tasks using the Singapore approach. These 2-10 minute videos are designed for teachers, students and parents to model effective questioning and techniques. Access these for professional learning, to help students review or to share with parents. Library access is available as a subscription. Schools can email me directly for discounted bulk rates while homeschool families can purchase a yearly subscription.

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