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Growing Post: Graphing and Counting

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Many of you know I love fall. I finally live somewhere that actually has fall with beautiful trees and amazing weather. I find myself wanting to attend everything related to pumpkins, apples or leaves and finding any and all activities that include those as well.

While I love centers, one of the concepts I think that can be hard to implement is graphing. Whether making picture graphs, bar graphs or line plots, collecting real data is key to making these meaningful. Thankfully for our students, technology gives us opportunities to survey people quickly through Google forms and social media platforms.

I wanted to combine my love for fall and data collection with two easy graphing activities that you can print and use right away. I'm releasing my K-2 version this week!

In this activity, students will count random objects by recording a tally mark to find the total. Then, students will use the data to make their own bar graph. At the end of the activity, students will answer a few questions about the data to show their understanding.

This FREE graphing activity is great for students to practice counting while recording and interpreting data. Students can even use the information to begin collecting their own data. Maybe they can ask other students what their favorite fall items are and make their own bar graph! The opportunities are endless!

Grab your FREE K-2 Fall Graphing download by clicking below:

As we move into greater numbers and different types of graphs, it's important we continue to collect data in the upper grade levels. One of my favorite ways to do this is to use Google Forms. Google Forms can be created with specific question types that already make the graphs for you to study the results. Simply assign the links and watch the results! Students can study the bar graphs or circle graphs and create questions that analyze the data with one click. Students can even assign the links to large groups of people to collect as much data as possible.

You can click below to see some of my favorite Google Forms already created just for you! Simply click to force a copy and begin using right away! These are great for students in 2nd grade-6th grade!

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