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Supporting a variety of educators with video resources, live training and teaching materials to implement the strategies from the #1 math curriculum in the world!  Check out all the support waiting for you!


Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed.

Math Specialist: Co-Author of 2022 Primary Mathematics 2nd-5th Grade Teacher's Edition and Author of 2nd-5th Grade Home Instructors' Guide, Author of Math in Focus 2020 3rd Grade Teacher's Edition, Educator and Consultant


Schools with custom professional learning

Learning Pod

Videos for students, PD and parents


Children Reading the Holy Bible


Students served worldwide


Online Video Library for Educators, Students, and Parents

800+ videos tied to printable and digital resources to bring questioning and problem solving to life in 5-10 minute chunks. Student and educator videos to align with any Singapore textbook.  Plans available  with a 2-week money back guarantee and discounts for multiple accounts.

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Putting Research-Based Strategies into Practice


Bring your teaching to life with FREE content available from my teaching blog.  Be sure to subscribe for weekly freebies and digital content.  Enrich your curriculum with additional learning resources available in my SHOP or receive a discount with any paid membership.


Customized Coaching and Learning Opportunities

I thrive on providing customized professional learning for schools.  Allow me to help your staff dive into math content while learning the best teaching strategies to provide support to ALL students.  Rates and packages are available for in-person and digital learning opportunities.


Watching you model the lessons has been so helpful. The video on what makes a successful lesson gave me my biggest light bulb moment. We have been using the subitizing cards, the number bond cards, and have played the equal groups concrete game. She told me she understood what division was for the first time today.  You’re for real my favorite.

I feel like Jessica is honest, but always kind in that honesty. I feel safe to tell Jessica what I think/ feel without being judged or ridiculed. Even when it's difficult, I feel like Jessica takes the time to hear what I have the say then wisely talks me through the situation (whatever that may be.)

Video Member, Erica, Michigan

Kindergarten Teacher, Tennessee

Jessica Kaminski  has been helping educators for over 16 years as a classroom teacher, consultant, author and coach.  She is a certified teacher who trained schools all over the country in Singapore teaching as a math consultant with Math in Focus.  Jessica used this experience to serve on the author's team for the 2020 Math in Focus edition and the 2022 Primary Mathematics edition.  Now she provides custom training for schools all over the world to help them achieve results.  Jessica is from Chattanooga, Tennessee where she lives with her husband, 3 children and plenty of animals! 

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