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Whether wanting to strengthen your teaching practice, learn some new strategies or earn professional development credit, we have some great options for you- all while working from the comfort of your own home. 

Participate in live teaching cohorts after watching demo lessons and discuss how this shapes your teaching practice with a Singapore math expert. 

Check out the available classes below!

Mental Math within 100

6 hours of PD: June-July 2021

$79 (members receive a $15 discount)

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Explore mental math strategies with Patti Chesney.  Help students to see how subitizing lays a strong foundation for mental math and how these skills can be used to add and subtract within 10, within 20 and finally within 100. 

Members gain access to the course materials June 3 and have live sessions with Patti July 20-22 from 1:00-2:00 PM EST.

Materials include Addition and Subtraction Fluency Resources, School Trip Performance Task, and a variety of hands on graphic organizers to make learning meaningful for students in Grades 1-3. Click on the course picture for more information about the course!

Learn the basics of fractions with certified teacher, Jessica Kaminski.  Represent fractions in a variety of ways and then learn how to express equivalent fractions to add and subtract unlike fractions and show fractions greater than 1.  These strategies will help students to make sense of finding a fraction of a set or multiplying a fraction by a whole number.

Members gain access to the course materials June 3 and have live sessions with Jessica July 8, 15, and 22 from 1:00-2:00 PM EST.

Materials include Fraction Cookie Bakery Performance Task, Olympic Medal Fractions and a variety of other games and resources that will help make fractions a meaningful topic for students in Grades 2-4. Click on the picture to find out more information about the class!

Fraction Cookie Bakery

7 hours of PD: June-July 2021

$79 (members receive a $15 discount)

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How do the sessions work?

  • Each session includes a live teaching session with Jessica or Patti where participants can view recordings of a live Zoom-based class.  Participants will see Jessica or Patti lead 30 or 45-minute sessions that focus on a specific topic using Singapore Math teaching strategies.  Participants will view the recordings and course materials at their own pace and then participate in three 1-hour sessions via Zoom with Jessica or Patti to break down the lessons and discuss best practices.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get teaching support.

What is included in each session?

  • Each session includes access to a course via the Canvas Learning Management System.  Each module includes video lessons and printable resources.  Message boards will be available for questions and interactions.  During July, three 1-hour Zoom sessions will be held with a Singapore expert.  Participants also receive free access to Jessica's Video Teaching and Learning Library during the month of June as part of the course materials.

How do I earn professional learning credit?

  • At the end of each session, educators may earn up to 7 hours of professional learning credit.  Participants will be provided with a certificate.  However, in order to receive the certificate, participants must attend the three 1-hour live sessions and participate in the group conversations required of the course. 

How many participants will be included in each coaching cohort?

  • In order to keep the learning interactive, 15 participants will be allowed in each course.  In the event that there are more than 15 participants, alternate dates will be provided.  The classes must have at least 6 participants in order to be conducted. 

What will be expected of each participant?

  • Each participant will be asked to sign a learning contract to gain access to the course materials.  Participants will be asked to watch the demo lessons and participate in any group discussions.  Participants will then be asked to attend the three 1- hour sessions via Zoom to discuss the lessons and best practices. 

What is the refund policy?

  • Due to the independent nature of this course, there will be no refunds. 

How much does each session cost?

  • Each session costs $79.  Members will receive a $15 discount. 

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