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PreKindergarten Homeschool Companion Guide Book A

PreKindergarten Homeschool Companion Guide Book A

It's time to prep our youngest students for learning using Marshall Cavendish's Earlybird Kindergarten Common Core Edition.  While this edition explores many Kindergarten concepts, it's a great intro for prekindergarten or transition kindergarten students through play, activities and so much more using the Homeschool Companion Guide. 


The Homeschool Companion for Book A includes the only Singapore based homeschool lesson plan, the 4C Math Mastery Model, created by author Jessica Kaminski to maximize learning in less than 20 minutes a day.  Each purchase does include access to a free course highlighting just how to use this companion in prekindergarten (coming soon). 


Purchase of this Homeschool Companion for Earlybird Common Core Edition Book A does require the purchase of the Student Book and Activity Book. 

You can find the links here:

Student Book A

Activity Book A


*Note that this is a digital product and may be printed for one family/teacher use only.  Stay tuned for print options.


**Homeschool Companion Book B is coming soon!

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