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Let's Face It: Professional Development for Math Teachers is Outdated and Doesn't Work.

We have a solution for that!

But first...let's talk about why traditional PD needs to be a thing of the past.


Problem #1: Math teachers don’t have time for it. 


Teacher Truths: 

  • Teachers' schedules are already jam-packed schedules. Time consuming PD is the fast track to teacher burnout. 

  • It’s A LOT to try to plan, teach, and become experts in multiple subject areas. They need an easier, faster way to consume PD.  

  • It’s stressful to miss class time and nearly impossible for teachers to fully focus on short bursts of professional learning knowing they have to run back into the classroom.

Problem #2: School budgets don’t have the $$$ for it.


Budget Busters:

  • School budgets have to pay for the PD itself plus teacher coverage. Traditional PD can get EXPENSIVE. 

  • Choosing the right PD that meets the needs of all grades and levels of teacher proficiency for an entire staff can be challenging.

  • Finding a qualified PD source that will be meaningful to your curriculum can be costly.

Problem #3: Math coaches need their own support to help teachers in their buildings.


Coaching Conundrums:

  • Coaches need their own PD to assist varying levels of teachers along in their professional journey.

  • A typical coach has multiple teachers to mentor and support.  Coaching goals need to be precise and practical.  

  • Finding mentor sources (articles, videos, PD) can be challenging to know what is quality.

But what if PD can be fast, easy, effective AND affordable?
It can be with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) partnered with Math with Purpose. 


Introducing the new and innovative way for math teachers to meet their PD requirements. 



🙌  Takes less than 1 hour per month 

🙌  Save times & money

🙌  Prevents teacher burnout

It’s time to say goodbye to the stress of missing class time and embrace a learning experience that saves time and prevents burnout. 


Join us now and discover how you can still become a math expert without sacrificing your classroom responsibilities. In this 30-minute live masterclass on November 15 at 2:00 ET, you will learn:


How to zero in on one effective strategy at a time to create quality discourse,

real-time support and immediate classroom growth

Quality math strategies from a math specialist and author through short

video segments that won’t take up your valuable time

Practical strategies and goals that can be used the very next day

in your classroom with your students

Sign up today to unlock the key to your math education journey!

Sign up is currently closed.  Stay tuned for additional sessions!

How It Works:

  1. Sign up at the link above to join Jessica Kaminski live on November 15 for a 30 minute masterclass webinar at 2:00 ET.

  2. Watch the 2 videos on the selected topic: Long Division Algorithms before meeting live.  

  3. Download your Math PLC Guide to add questions or comments you may have.  Be sure to bring it to our live session.

  4. Participate in the live masterclass where you will learn how to meet the needs of your diverse students with practical strategies you can implement tomorrow!  

  5. Set a goal for your own growth!

Can't attend live? No worries.  Simply sign up at the link to receive your recording.  However, the live session will give you an opportunity to participate in the PLC with Jessica.  Due to the great conversation we will be having, the masterclass is limited to 40 people.


Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed.

Math Specialist and Author

Jessica has been helping educators all over the world for over 10 years as a teacher, consultant, and author of two best-selling math curricula.  She provides support to educators by using the Singapore approach to mathematics with videos, resources, coaching and so much more!

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