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It's Time Students Actually Remember Their Math Facts

Student Learning Mathematics

When students struggle with their basic math facts, it impacts everything else they do.  Even the most basic lessons can become arduous when a student is spending half the lesson trying to do basic operations.

We try everything...memorization, songs, games and still students forget if they don't practice every day.  (Anyone heard of the summer slide? Ugh!)

It's time we take what researchers have been saying for years and teach our students math facts that they will actually use and remember.  Join math author and math content expert, Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed., to learn just how to begin implementing this with your students today.

Join us for the Math Fact Mastery Online Course!

  • 6-hour self-paced course that takes place online

  • Over $70 worth of printable resources and digital teaching tools

  • TONS of video that model teaching methods and student understanding

  • Assessment tools to help you see exactly how your students improve

Sort Through the Noise

There are so many views on how to best teach children their basic math facts.  See the best researched practices and get right to the point.  You will learn strategies that are proven and effective.

Basic Foundations

Addition and Subtraction facts lay the foundations for Multiplication and Division.  Explore all four sets of operations and the ways students work through them for mastery.

Earn PD Credit

If you are looking to expand your teaching knowledge by earning professional development, this course will include a 6 hour PD certificate to show all the amazing strategies you have mastered.

See Live Examples

Watch real student examples to see exactly how to implement these strategies.   No more trying to figure it out on your own.  See it instantly and replicate when you are ready!

Resources Galore

Snag lesson plans, games and activities already done for you to begin using immediately.  It's your one stop shop for learning and implementation that is sure to make a difference.

Vetted Content

As a content specialist and author, Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed. has trained thousands of teachers around the world.  These strategies have been implemented and truly work!

The course is not open yet but will be soon!  Enter your email to be notified once it's live!

You don't want to miss this!

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