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Digital Day Zero: Grades 3-5

Digital Day Zero: Grades 3-5

Ever feel like your students are missing key components in your lesson?  Do you ever wish they would use manipulatives in a better way?  Do you feel like they need help working together or learning to have effective math talk?


This is what your lessons are missing- a strong foundation from the first day of learning!  Learn the first 5 lessons students need at the beginning of the year to have an effective math lesson.  Use these games, anchor charts, and activities to get to know your students and develop a set of classroom routines that will get you teaching using research based strategies!  Everything you need is included in one great digital resource.


This is not a physical product.  It is a digital download for one teacher/educator only.


    Each file is in PDF format.  File should not be photocopied unless stated on reproducible page.

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