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Telling Time Analog Clock Clip Cards

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Telling time using a clock- lost art form or a major skill? This has been a conversation a few of us had. I still think it's a great skill for many of our students to have, but I have to admit...I don't have many of these clocks around me.

So instead of thinking about it as a clock skill, I've started wondering if it could help our students work on visual skills and skip counting by 5s. This would be our focus and we would relate it to time.

Lately, I've become a bit obsessed with clip cards. I have all different sizes and colors of clothes pins, and I love watching the students build fine motor skills while working on a concept. I thought these clock ones would be a great way to practice.

Click on the link below to grab your download including telling time to the nearest hour, half hour and 15 minutes after/before the hour. These go perfectly with my Using the Clock to Tell Time video in the Teaching and Learning Video Library. If you aren't a member, please join us!

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