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Spiral Reviews That Actually Work!

Covid has certainly created a lot of learning challenges. Whether students have missed instruction due to illnesses, had interrupted instruction due to school closings/delays, or just lost instruction from the stress of everything. It has definitely been a year!

One of the things I have loved about some of the textbooks I've used is when the textbook begins each lesson with some form of review. This type of review is designed to activate prior knowledge to help students connect what they already know. It should be content they have seen before and help students to remember they have a lot of information stored in those fabulous brains of theirs!

That means that a thoughtful spiral review should include questions that challenge students while using skills they have already learned. I'm excited to say I have some for you to check out today!

I have been working with an amazing school district for years now, and we were thinking this would be a great way for students to catch up on some of those skills they may have missed in previous years. This spiral review:

  • is designed to be used four times a week. This gives you a fifth day to use as needed.

  • should be completed in 5 days or less. Students should spend the five minutes solving 1 problem a day to review previous skills.

  • continues in an UPWARD spiral. This isn't just a review of previous grade skills. It also follows on in grade level skills as well. Using the contents of a typical year, the skills will progressively get more challenging and review several on-grade level topics as they progress.

  • will address grades 1-8 for maximum performance from each grade level.

Now, you know I'm all about doing a million things at once so of course, this is a working project! That means I am currently creating each trimester as I go. In this post, you will see samples of Grades 1-5 and can purchase them over in the SHOP for only $5 a piece. Grades 6-8 will be coming soon! All in time for you to begin your year. Samples are found by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below.

Check Out Grade 1 Trimester 1 in the SHOP

Check Out Grade 2 Trimester 1 in the SHOP

Check Out Grade 3 Trimester 1 in the SHOP

Check Out Grade 4 Trimester 1 in the SHOP

Check Out Grade 5 Trimester 1 in the SHOP

Stay tuned for grade levels 6-8 coming soon!

The great part about this is that you are getting to try each Trimester at a time. See how it works for you. I know your students will notice a difference in just 5 minutes a day! People who purchase their reviews now are also receiving it at a discounted rate and will receive emails as soon as the new ones are up!

If you aren't convinced yet, click below to access your free printable previews. Each review includes a few weeks to get you started. There are a total of 14-16 reviews for each trimester until we make it all the way to the end of the year. This is a new project, and I would love your feedback! Send me an email or leave me a comment!

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