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Reversals DO Matter and a Freebie

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Developing number sense in Grades PreK-1 can seem like a pretty quick task. Students learn the numbers zero-ten in word form, digit form and usually by a pictorial representation. This standard often goes quickly for any student who has had some exposure to number sense.

However, I'm finding that I want to take my time during this standard. I want to make sure that my students really understand numbers and can show true understanding before moving on. Some questions I like to ask about each student to truly see if students have mastered the concept:

  • Can students count from 1-10 from any number?

  • Can students count backwards and forwards?

  • Can students recognize word form and each digit?

  • Can students count objects in a circle, a line, and scattered about?

  • Can students produce the correct number of objects?

  • Can students correctly write each digit and each word form?

While some of these concepts will continue to be developed as students develop strength in their hands, I like to continue to work on the skill in as many ways as possible. We are constantly using counting collections to practice counting and singing songs to work on rote counting. But how do I help my students to work on writing digits and word form?

You have already seen my word form, digit form and picture form cards that are available for FREE by clicking here. I have these for numbers 1-10 and then 11-20. My students are often sorting these every chance they get. We use these for games and ways to differentiate any activity.

I have noticed through practice that my students needed to work on the formation of the numbers as well. They can identify digits, but when writing them, they often reverse numbers or start at the wrong place on the paper. (Start your numbers from the top!) I wanted them to work on the fine motor skills of writing while working on hand strength and getting some sensory input!

I decided to make these cute playdough number mats to extend their practice. They are having a blast making playdough numbers and even writing on the mats using a dry erase markers. Simply put the mats in page protectors or laminate them.

Reversals are a part of life, but they DO matter. Students have to practice writing numbers within 10 so that they can apply these digits to greater numbers. Extra time spent on numbers within 10 will make a huge difference later.

Go grab your FREE download by clicking below!

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