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Regrouping in the Ones Place

In Grade 1, students begin to subtract with regrouping within 40 and apply these skills to subtract within 100. This tiny skill is HUGE when learning to subtract. If students spend time subtracting here to truly understand the concept, they will be able to apply it to any place value moving forward.

If you haven't grabbed my FREEBIE working to rename numbers, you will want to download that resource here. So many students lack the foundational skill of understanding that numbers can be named differently to help us add and subtract.

For example, 23 can be 2 tens and 3 ones. But what if I wanted to subtract 7 ones? 2 tens and 3 ones would not be helpful to me, because I don't have enough. Instead, it might be helpful to consider 23 as 1 ten and 13 ones.

Once students have this foundational skill, it's time for them to see how this works when subtracting. The problem I keep facing is that students count out 10 ones but count from the ones they already have. For example, if they have 2 tens and 3 ones. They only count out 7 more ones to make a total of 10.

After trying to keep these ones organized time and time again, I thought we just needed to be more organized. While not fancy, this work mat will help students to make sense of where the regrouped ones belong when renaming.

You can grab your FREE download by clicking below:

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