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No Prep Valentine Math Activities

You know how much I love celebrating holidays, especially during the months of January-April when it's cold and rainy outside! Let's take a look at this growing list of Valentine's activities that you can print and use right away.

Valentine Rounding Four-in-a-Row: Help students round numbers to the nearest ten or hundred with this fun four-in-a-row game. Students can choose from 2 gameboards and levels. Just choose a card and place a counter on the correct number. The first player to get 4 in a row wins! (Be sure to encourage students to use number lines and watch the Rounding videos as part of the Math with Purpose Video Library.) Download by clicking on the link above.

Valentine's Day Logic Puzzles from Math Geek Mama: This is a download from my friend, Bethany. I used to love doing these types of logic puzzles when I was a kid. You will want to check out the three puzzles available and the answer keys.

Multiplication Friendly Fact Matching Game: Finding friendly facts to solve those tricky multiplication facts are key to helping students truly understand how facts work. Check out this free matching game where students match the arrow fact to the expression. This is sure to be a challenging way to practice math facts! Download for free by clicking the link above!

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