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Math and Cooking

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

This Christmas, we were trying to find unique gifts that would teach our children life skills while not just becoming another toy in the bottom of the bin. My 5-year old loves to cook, and I began looking at ways to encourage this form of expression. Someone mentioned Raddish subscription boxes, and we decided to give it a try! I am so glad we did!

First of all, my guy is a sensory kid. He loves to yell, jump and find as many squishy things as possible. I was so surprised with all the sensory activities in each kit. In December, he rolled out cookie dough and played with the different textures. In January, he made his own ravioli using the rolling pin. Can I even tell you that kneading the dough stopped a meltdown in 5 minutes? (It was awesome!) I just took him the dough and asked him to punch it a few times and BOOM! Instant stress reliever!

I had no intention of tying math into this resource or trying to tell others about it when I purchased this kit. However, I am that excited about it! My guy loves his apron and earning a patch each month. It's a great way for him to surprise the family with treats, and I'm learning some great recipes in the process.

But being a math teacher, you know I'm going to make it about math! Reading the full color, laminated recipes, I saw opportunities for area models, fractions and so much more! I decided this would be an awesome Friday Freebie to share with any other kiddos who love to cook!

This month was all about Italian cooking with a wonderful salad, some ravioli and even tiramisu! Check out the FREE word problems that match each recipe and challenge your student to think about all the great math skills while cooking! You can grab your FREE download by clicking on the image below.

If you are thinking you want to go ahead and grab your own subscription, I encourage you to check it out! They have so many great deals including $15 off your subscription and even a free apron! Your family will be eating great, learning some awesome life skills and engaging in math in a real way! Click on the link below. Please note that this is an affiliate link but one that I truly stand behind!

And stay tuned as I continue to hand out my monthly word problems with each of our boxes! I can't wait to see next month's box!

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