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ELA: Teach Vocabulary in 1-2 Minutes?!

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

I'm often asked when doing a guided reading lesson how to introduce the book and the vocabulary quickly so students can spend time reading. My answer is always to refer back to Jan Richardson's lesson plan structure in The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading.

Taken from Jan Richardson's The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading Lesson Plan

In the span of a 20 minute guided reading lesson, the vocabulary for the day can be introduced in only 1-2 minutes using her four steps:

1. Define it: Tell what the word means

2. Connect it: Connect it to something the students know

3. Relate it to the Book: Relate the meaning to the text so the students know the context

4. Turn and Talk: Have students turn and talk to discuss what the word means (20 seconds)

It takes practice, but it's totally effective! Vocabulary is chosen for the day's reading and then quickly introduced. Take a look at this video to see what I mean (and yes, that is an awful face for the screenshot):

If you are looking for more information about Jan Richardson's Guided Reading, don't forget to check out my introduction to her book by clicking here. I also have an awesome cheat sheet that walks you through the book that you can access in my Member's Area. Just join and find a bunch of other great resources!

I also have a great post on word walls and teaching word work! Check them out for more information!

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