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What About Middle School?

There are so many programs available for homeschool families in the elementary grades.  What about the middle school grades and beyond?  What curriculum options do you have?


Primary Mathematics, Math in Focus, and Dimensions are three of the leading Singapore Math programs for elementary and middle school students.  However, things begin to change as students move into the middle grades.  Join me LIVE to discuss:

  • What curriculum choices are available and the benefits of each one

  • The approach of each curriculum

  • Options to fast track or accelerate

  • High school or algebra options after middle school

WHEN: Wednesday, April 26 at 1:30 PM EST

WHERE: Join me LIVE via Zoom.  Just sign up below to get your link sent directly to your inbox.  Can't make it live?  No worries.  I get it.  Life is busy.  Simply sign up, and I will share the recording with you!


Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed.

Math Specialist and Author

Jessica has been helping educators all over the world for over 10 year as a teacher, consultant, and author.  She aims to provide support to educators using the Singapore approach to mathematics with videos, resources, coaching and so much more!

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