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A LIVE 6-week Master Class taught by Singapore math expert, Patti Chesney, taught in small group with resources, video and so much more!

Six 30-minute sessions held via Zoom

Small group of 10 students to meet the individual needs of each student

Two parent sessions held via Zoom to meet the needs of each student

Hundreds of pages of printable resources to build mastery of multiplication and division facts

Weekly lesson plans tied to YOUR curriculum

Digital and video resources for additional practice

Taught by an expert teacher, author and math specialist

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Small Group Instruction to Master Your Content!

Now only $149 per student until January 25! (Members receive a $28 discount.)

 What are the goals of the course?


This course will look at ways to increase visual memory to develop mental math strategies for addition and

subtraction within 100.  Students will begin working on subitizing and number bonds within 10, move to strategies within 20 and finally apply the principles to numbers within 100.  This course will not explore standard algorithms of addition and subtraction but focus on the mental math component.


 What grade levels are best suited for the course?


This course is best designed for students who have already learned the basics of addition and subtraction and are looking to increase their fluency.  This typically applies to students in Grades 1-3.  Students in Kindergarten may participate only if they have worked with numbers within 100 and are considered advanced.


 How many students are going to be part of the course?


The course will be held weekly via a Zoom call using video and audio.  To keep the course engaging and provide scaffolded instruction, there will be a limit of 12 students to each course.  In the event that there are more than 12 children who sign up, another session will be considered.


 How will the course be conducted?


The course will be held weekly using a Zoom room with video and audio.  Students will interact during the class using Google slides and other digital technology.  Materials for the course will be placed in Canvas Learning Management System where resources and be downloaded and students can interact via message boards. Zoom sessions will be recorded (with parent consent) and placed in the Module for review.  These private video links will be available for lifetime access to participants in the class and to participants in the coaching cohorts for professional learning.  To respect student privacy, first names will only be used.


 What will be expected of my student?


Each student will be expected to attend each week at the specific time and be a good classmate.  Students

should be an active participant in the class while maintaining a respectful attitude towards others.  Students will be asked to answer questions and show his or her thinking during the class while using audio, video and the provided technology tools.


 What will be expected of the parents?


Parents will be expected to attend the first meet and greet session to discuss the course held on Thursday, January 27 from 1-1:30 PM EST to discuss expectations and requirements.  Parents will be asked to be available to your student during each weekly session to help your student with any issues especially during the first session.  Parents are encouraged to use the provided weekly materials to continue the content throughout the week so that your student can work towards proficiency for the following lessons.


What learning materials will be provided?


Each week, lesson plans that are tied directly to the session will be provided with printable and digital resources. These lesson plans will address specific textbook’s lessons and ways to practice.  Video lessons from Jessica’s learning library will also be shared as a way for students to continue the learning throughout the week.  Students are encouraged to practice and share their learning via the message boards that will be created during the course.  Materials and course information will be available for lifetime access. More information can be found by referencing the weekly syllabus and will be added as the course is in session. All participants receive library access throughout the course.  Members receive a discount to their course fee provided with the code via email.


What materials will we need for the course?


Counters, dry erase markers, page protectors and a whiteboard will be used for the live classes.  Students should have access to print out the given materials prior to attending the live class.  An option to receive all printable content via mail is available from your confirmation email.


 How much is the course?


This course is $149.  This fee includes 1 parent introduction session, six 30-minute live student sessions, and one optional 15-minute private parent summary session.  This also includes all the printable materials and videos in the video library found at during the length of the course and lifetime access to the course videos and materials.


 Is the course refundable if we decide it is not a good fit?


This course will be refundable after the first lesson only (by February 2, 2022). To cancel the course and materials, the parent must email Jessica at to receive a full refund. 


 How do I sign up?


Sign up by purchasing the course at   Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with your Zoom link for the Parent Support Session and a link for a Google form to tell more about your student.  Materials for the first session will be sent by the Sunday before your first session including a link to join the course from Canvas Learning Management System.

Watching you model the lessons has been so helpful. The video on what makes a successful lesson gave me my biggest light bulb moment. We have been using the subitizing cards, the number bond cards, and have played the equal groups concrete game. She told me she understood what division was for the first time today.  You’re for real my favorite. - Erica S.

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